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Caliper Color Change

Caliper Color Change

If you are looking to make your calipers stand out, our specialists can paint them with a variety of colors in order for you to achieve that desired look on the exterior.
It doesn’t matter if it’s factory or performance brakes, here at The Wheel WIZARDS we have the right solution for you

Our process begins with lifting the vehicle , and removing the wheels. We then begin cleaning and decontaminating the calipers to ensure maximum adhesion of the paint. The calipers are then sanded/scuffed down in all areas which allows the primer to properly bond. We then mask up any parts not to be painted such as the rotors, pads, bleed nipples and suspension components.

The painting process consists of 2 primer coats, 3 colour/base coats, followed by 2 clear coats which are done over the logos if you choose to have any. All All paint is high temp rated and the entire process is warranted for 1 year.

Same day wheel repair service by Appointment only.

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